SaaS and Professional Services Subscription

StoryDimensions is unique in that we offer a “hybrid” SaaS and professional services subscription. Our subscription pricing is NOT based on number of users, rather on the cumulative number of customer stories we capture for you using our StoryDiscovery Platform. Enterprise site-license subscriptions start at $6,500 / month (unlimited users). That subscription tier includes our StoryDiscovery Platform (Capture), Professional Services (Develop) and Sales Enablement Solution (Deliver) for up to 100 stories. As your story volume increases, you move to the next tier of monthly subscription pricing.

Enterprise Site-License Pricing

Includes Enterprise Site-Licenses for our StoryDiscovery Platform and Sales Enablement Solution, plus Story Development Services.

0 – 100 Stories  |  $6,500 mo.

101 – 200 Stories  |  $8,500 mo.

201 – 300 Stories  |  $10,500 mo.

300+ Stories  |  Call for pricing

SaaS-Only Subscription

For customers who would like to capture and create their own stories, we offer SaaS-only pricing for our sales enablement application. This enables you to organize, store and share customer stories in a solution that is specifically designed to enable sellers to activate real customer stories in the sales process.

SaaS-Only Pricing

Per user subscription pricing for StoryDimensions’ Sales Enablement Solution.

Administrator Licenses  |  $500 mo.

End-User Licenses  |  $50 mo.