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The Right Story, in the Right Format, at the Right Time. It Just Doesn’t Get Any Better.

If you’re in sales, marketing, PR or a business leader – you understand that stories are only powerful if they are relevant to your situation. That’s why we designed our cloud-based Storytelling Platform to provide storytellers with the right story, in the format they need and at precisely the right time.

Anytime, Anywhere Accessibility.

Preparing for a presentation, leaving a prospect meeting, having a conversation over lunch, sending a follow-up email, sharing customer successes online – the situations where having the right story to tell … are endless. With our cloud-based Storytelling Platform, you’ll always have the right story … at the right time.

Instantly find the story that’s relevant
to your business situation.

Quickly access the backstory and detailed
information about characters involved.

Easily share that story in conversations,
written correspondence or pre-designed
communication vehicles.

Built and organized to align with how you share stories.

You not only need a relevant story, but you need the storytelling content in a format that is appropriate for your specific situation. Our Storytelling Platform provides you with maximum flexibility. You can instantly access the content you need, in the format you desire – with the click of a button.

The backstory and facts you need.

Just need the backstory on this customer? Want to speak to specific characters (roles) involved in the decision-making process? What about the history of this customer relationship? It’s all in the Storytelling Platform, organized in a way that allows you to get the facts you need fast – so you can tell the most relevant customer story in every situation.

Stories you can share in conversations.

Preparing for a prospect meeting? Having lunch with a critical decision maker? Maybe you are speaking to a large group of customers? Need a 30-second story to tee up a specific pain point? What about a 2-minute story that talks about a relevant customer experience? Search for and access the perfect story and content you can share in virtually any conversation.

Stories to be shared in written correspondence.

Following up with a prospect via email and need a story to illustrate a critical point? Need a real customer story to share in a presentation? Want to post a new customer story on social media? Does it need to be a business impact story? An emotional story? Use the Storytelling Platform to identify the perfect customer and then share professionally written, highly relevant stories across unlimited channels.

Source material to tailor a story that works for you.

Need a story for a unique sales opportunity? Meeting with a specific individual involved in the buying process (CEO, CFO, etc.)? Need to shape a story that includes experiences from multiple customers? The Storytelling Platform delivers. Simply search through relevant stories, grab the storytelling nuggets you need, and then tailor a story that meets your specific situation.

Pre-designed and packaged stories ready to share.

Need a social graphic with a customer testimonial for Twitter? A few pre-packaged slides containing a relevant customer story? What about an infographic that illustrates a real customer experience story? The Storytelling Platform allows you to store and instantly share real customer stories in a wide range of pre-designed, professionally packaged communication vehicles.