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Leveraging Real Customer Experience Stories

to Connect with Buyers and Close More Deals.

Sales Enablement


Industry research shows the best way to earn credibility and trust with buyers is to share peer-to-peer stories.
Watch this on-demand webinar now to see why sales teams need relevant customer stories that they use to connect with specific stakeholders in the sales process.

Presented by:

Paul Smith
Bestselling author, keynote speaker and sales storytelling trainer.

James O’Gara
CEO at StoryDimensions and Sales Enablement Society Member.

Watch Now to Learn …

  • How real customer stories impact buying decisions and drive sales results
  • How to craft compelling sales stories that connect with buyers
  • Why you need different stories for different buyers and stages in the sales cycle
  • How innovative solutions enable reps to access the right story, in the right format, at the right time in the sales process
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About the Author:

We’re StoryDimensions, the only company with the automated discovery process, story development services and cloud-based sales enablement solution that B2B companies can use to secure and share real customer experience stories on a consistent basis. Stories that enable your sales team to establish credibility, build trust and create meaningful connections with specific buyers in the sales process.