StoryDimensions offers a hybrid professional services and SaaS sales enablement solution that delivers a continuous stream of real insights and stories from your customers. Stories that salespeople can share with buyers to establish credibility, earn trust and close more deals.

“I strongly recommend sales organizations use this solution to foster connections, build trusted relationships, and inspire action.”Nikko Khazana, SVP, Sales & Marketing at IntegraConnect

“StoryDimensions provides me with immediate access to relevant customer insights and stories that can make the difference between closing a deal and missing an opportunity.”

Dave Sheridan, Director of Sales at Box


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interviews the CEO and Founder of StoryDimensions on SBI TV.
Watch this episode to learn how real customer insights and stories improve sales effectiveness and influence buying decisions.

Delivered under an annual subscription model, StoryDimensions captures, develops and delivers meaningful customer insights and stories on a continual basis:


Real Customer Insights

Using our cloud-based StoryDiscovery Platform, you can elicit customers to share their insights, experiences and feedback with your company online and on their terms.


Real Customer Stories

As customers engage and insights are captured, our team of storytelling experts take that feedback and shape it into easy-to-digest and deliver “sales-ready” stories. Delivering fresh, new stories to your sales team every month.


Real Sales Results

With our SaaS sales enablement solution, salespeople can quickly find and share relevant customer stories with buyers to establish credibility, build trust and close more deals.

StoryDimensions enables you to establish a knowledge-warehouse of customer intelligence and a distinct competitive advantage in the sales process.

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