of real customer experience stories.

anytime, anywhere … on any device.


that increase sales results.



We Have Transformed How B2B Companies Capture and Share Real Customer Stories.

Imagine arming your sales, marketing and executive teams with a continuous stream of fresh customer experience stories all year long? That’s precisely what we do. Our automated discovery process, story development services and cloud-based Storytelling Platform enable B2B companies to capture and share real stories about their customers 24 / 7 / 365.

Fully Automated

We have completely automated the way companies capture customer feedback, insights and stories.


Our experts aggregate customer insights to develop and package compelling customer stories and content all year-round.


Our Storytelling Platform provides employees with relevant customer stories and content they can share anytime.

I’m extremely impressed with StoryDimensions’ approach, the dynamic nature of their service, and the delivery platform they have created. We see immense value … and have a need that their solution can uniquely fulfill.

Matt Slonaker, EVP of Business Development & Marketing at Chronos Solutions

StoryDimensions fills a significant void in the sales process. The ability to access on-demand, real customer stories that are tailored to specific buyers results in a more efficient sales cycle.

Chad Riseling, SVP Global Sales at Romonet

StoryDimensions delivers more timely access to relevant and specific customer experience stories. Simply put, it provides me with an artful way to share information and build credibility through a precise storytelling process aimed right at my prospects and customers.

John Rutherford, Regional Sales Manager – OEM and Enterprise Sales at HPE

StoryDimension’s innovative and unique solution helps drive the use of compelling customer stories in the buying process — stories that make an impact with prospects in a way that their brains and bodies instinctively understand. To address an incredibly important and unmet need in sales and marketing, I strongly recommend sales organizations using this solution to foster connections, build strong trusted relationships, and inspire action.

Nikko Khazana, SVP, Sales & Marketing at IntegraConnect

StoryDimensions delivers the content solution that every marketer strives for. Their ability to systematically capture customer feedback, insights and data using their unique approach and then assemble highly relevant customer experience stories for sales teams, is priceless!

Mike Locke, CEO, Marketing Technology Association

StoryDimensions provides me with immediate access to relevant customer insights and stories that can make the difference between closing a deal and missing an opportunity.

Dave Sheridan, VP of Enterprise Sales at Vena Solutions

We’ve taken the flawed, ill-defined process that has prevented companies from securing real customer stories, and we’ve reengineered it from end to end. Our automated process and technology now make it possible for you to weaponize storytellers across your organization with fresh customer stories that you can use to grow your business.

Our cloud-based Storytelling Platform provides every employee with integrated customer storytelling content they can use in everyday conversations and communication vehicles. From quick talking points to conversation starters, short- and long-form stories, testimonial quotes, facts and figures. It’s all available – anytime, anywhere from any device – so you can share real customer stories all year round.

Our Storytelling Platform includes customer insights and stories that every functional area of your business will value. From executives to sales, marketing, public relations, human resources – virtually every customer-facing area of your company will leverage the content to fuel more engaging conversations with buyers and more impactful communication vehicles.

We’re not about case studies.

We are all about arming your employees with actionable storytelling content they will actually use to share real customer stories in everyday business situations. In face-to-face conversations, written correspondence and across any communication channel.

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