“StoryDimensions has a sales enablement solution that reps can use to build credibility and trust with buyers … from the very beginning to the very end of the sales cycle.”

Elinor Stutz, Top Sales Enablement Thought Leader

Provide sellers with rapid access to the right customer story, for the right buyer, in the right format … at the right time.


Real Sales Results

With our SaaS sales enablement solution, your team can rapidly find and share the most relevant customer experience stories with specific buyers in the sales process. Access stories in real-world selling situations (like in the parking lot before a meeting) and share stories with prospects directly from your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Every story even includes detailed profiles on the customer’s business and the “person behind the story” so you can speak intelligently about your company’s relationship and history with that customer.

Connect with Buyers in More Meaningful Ways and Close More Deals.

Secures attribution and authorization for use.
Quickly Find the Right Story for Specific Sales Opportunities.

With our cloud-based sales enablement solution, you can quickly find and share relevant stories from customers to connect with buyers in the sales cycle. Find stories by industry, products or services purchased, deal size — even by role, so you can share peer-to-peer stories with specific stakeholders involved in the buying process.

Share Stories in Multiple Formats and Ways.

Only StoryDimensions packages the same story in multiple ways. We give you short, medium and long versions of each story. We also capture the same story from multiple dimensions. Need a business impact version of a story to connect with the CFO, a relationship version to share with the CEO, a solution story for the CIO? We have you covered. You can even leverage our storyarcs to take prospects on a storytelling journey — from the original scene and situation with a customer, through the climax and resolution.

Activate Stories in Daily Sales Activities.

With StoryDimensions, you can access sales tools that include customers stories, PowerPoint presentations, infographics, social media content, videos and more can be linked to specific customer stories and downloaded directly from the application. That means you can activate customer stories in daily selling activities and almost any sales situation.

Leverage Customer Insights and Stories to Establish Credibility, Earn Trust and Accelerate Sales Cycles.

Social Selling

Share Quotes, 30-Second Stories with your connections to establish credibility with prospects.

Introductory Emails

Use “Setting Up Story” content as a hook to secure initial phone calls and meetings.

Phone / Voicemail

Access and share stories over the phone about how you have delivered results for your buyer’s peers in the same industry.

Prospect Presentations

Quickly insert customer stories and quotes into your presentations to make more meaningful connections with your buyers.

Follow Up Emails

Establish credibility with buyers after a meeting by sending an email with a link to a customer story that directly relates to the pain points and challenges that your prospect shared with you in your last meeting.

Networking and Meetings

Meeting with a C-suite executive for drinks? The IT decision maker over lunch? Meeting with prospects on the trade show floor? Simply pull up the app on your phone and find the perfect story to share in casual conversations with buyers.

Buying Group Communications

Share peer-to-peer stories with individual stakeholders involved in the buying process. Stories that specifically relate to their role and buying requirements.

Objection Handling

Overcome buyer objections in the sales process by sharing fully packaged and branded stories in PDF, video, infographic and other formats to validate how you have addressed similar challenges for other companies.

Closing Documents

Easily add stories and quotes from customers to proposals and agreements that align with the final buying criteria and differentiate you from the competition.

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StoryDimensions delivers a continuous stream of fresh, relevant customer experience insights and stories that your sales team can use to establish credibility, build trust and create meaningful connections with buyers in the sales process.


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