ABOUT StoryDimensions

Voice of the Customer has taken center stage in the buying process. It is more powerful than advertising and more influential than recommendations from industry experts and analysts. We help companies activate their customer’s voice in the buying process by arming sales organizations with real customer insights and stories. Stories they can use to establish credibility, earn trust and create meaningful connections with buyers. We are the only company with the integrated story discovery platform (Capture), story development services (Develop) and cloud-based sales enablement solution (Deliver) that enables B2B companies to capture real customer insights and stories quickly — efficiently — continuously.

OUR Storytellers

The customer stories we produce are developed by a dedicated network of professional storytellers. More specifically, mothers who have made the conscious decision to work-from-home and care for their families. This incredible group of women (storytellers) has extensive professional experience in marketing, communications, journalism, sales support and other related fields. They also go through an extensive screening and training process before joining the team. As members of our network, these professional women are able to tap into their creative skills, real-world experiences and passion for storytelling — while having the flexibility to care for what they value most — their loved ones.